Upcoming Shade Tail BBS

Posted 2019/10/19

On the 14th of this month, I finally caved and set up something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: an old-fashioned BBS (Bulletin Board System). It’s running on Synchronet which has support for some other interesting stuff as well, and I’ve been thinking of ways to expand the service. This will mostly be a hobby project, but it will be accessible to everyone. I’m not expecting large traffic or even a small userbase, but if you are curious, I hope you stop by and take a look. Connections will initially be available via SSH and Telnet and will later also expand to cover other protocols for accessibility.

Right now I’m working on the menus and rebranding the default look. For that I make use of the helpful ANSI editor called PabloDraw (HTTPS not available).

Next will be setting up the message boards. I might like to do it in a typical *chan fashion to cover some general topics such as video games, anime and manga, music, and of course an off-topic board. Moderation is something that will require a careful approach. My moderation style is admittedly somewhat draconian and I do not tolerate rude and hateful people. It shouldn’t be a problem, and I sincerely hope no one would try to cause any trouble or spam on such a small server.

After that could be much more. Games, an FTP server, a MUD/MUCK, an IRC network. Not all of these will be available of course. Just happy about the possibilities and getting back into managing a little server.

Hopefully I’ll be able to push a public opening by the middle or end of November. I’m currently willing to accept a small group of beta testers as well. Please contact me on Discord or through my e-mail as available on my contact page. I’ll get in contact with any curious people and contract services on a basis as needed.

To prevent potential spammers and nosy people, there will be a semi-secret password to make new user accounts. It won’t really be a secret at all and will be posted with the address to connect to. There is also a guest account available for browsing without an account. Should you connect, I’ll be your main SysOp under the name “adjacent-spectre”. Hope to see you there when it’s all set up! :)