The Creation of Omon Atho

Posted 2019/07/12
Last updated 2019/07/12

Shortly after writing this post, I got to work generating a world suitable for that idea. It only took two tries to get a good map and the result was a world that I actually really, really like. During generation, it was given the name Omon Atho, which means The Realm of Souls in the humans’ language. A bit poetic, isn’t it?

In world generation, I usually go with parameters following along two lines: it should be easy on my PC and somewhat uninhabited. A world with a smaller population is both more exciting to explore in Adventurer Mode and happens to be easier on your computer because the game tracks the movements of fewer individuals.

I went with a medium-sized world that has very few sites and not many civilizations. The last three settings for world generation aren’t very important for me, and in most cases I leave them alone.

the world parameters screen

It was left to bake after this point, and in a minute or two, Omon Atho was fully generated.

the world map of Omon Atho

You can click here for a full resolution image.

It will be fun to explore the different continents in Adventurer Mode. I also notice what looks like a very large lake or sea in the east, a lone necromancer’s tower on an island in the far west, and highly evil lands at the southern pole.

Future game stories hosted here at The Shade Tail will be taking place in Omon Atho. The generational fortress written about before (linked at the top of this post) has already been planted somewhere in a north-central region. A write-up should be coming at around its 10-year mark!