Big Site Changes!

Posted 2019/07/06

Wow! I’m sure the two or three people who have visited The Shade Tail and were so inclined to come back have noticed some changes. Entire framework changes actually. So what happened? The last updates before these were in April!

It comes down to putting ideas into motion. Some of them I have had for months, and a very small few for years. The way stuff was done before was not sustainable for me and just resulted in a headache and lots of scrapping. So things have been reworked to be easier on me, but still flexible and to my liking.

One of the more notable changes will be this journal. It might receive the most attention in the coming months. Ideas, plans, plots, and thoughts will be posted here for perusing by anybody and yet nobody in particular. Its updates (along with the general site updates) will be posted to the homepage. They are ordered by post date and modification date overriding that where applicable (to account for notable content changes). Correction: Modifications are not reflected in post feeds.

Some things might be wonky while the edges are being smoothed out. I do apologize if anyone happens to catch the mess in transition, but it’s unlikely that anyone will see.