Dwarf Fortress Ramblings

Dwarf Fortress is a fantasy-themed colony management simulation and roguelike developed independently by Tarn Adams and his brother Zach Adams. In development since 2002, it is an extremely deep game renowned for its level of detail, complexity, and difficulty for newer players. You can download Dwarf Fortress for free and read more on the Bay 12 website. It is natively playable on computers running Windows, Linux, or OSX.

Also: in March of 2019, Dwarf Fortress was announced to be released on Steam and itch.io with the support of Kitfox Games. As of writing, that release date is yet to be announced, but you can read more on the Patreon post that has some more detail.

In my opinion the difficulty is mostly due to the user interface (‘UI’), which is not only represented entirely by ASCII graphics, but can be obscure in certain game menus. I will include some helpful links for any prospective players-to-be who are looking in on this page.

If you enjoy roguelikes and city/colony builders, it is definitely worth the look even if you’re unsure about the UI. It’s my absolute favorite video game, and so of course I’ll be talking about it!

This page will basically be a list of links and assorted blurbs. I’m by no means an arbiter of quality or the community voice, but the links here are ones offered out of my own preference and tastes. You will note a lack of mods. Typically I like to play the vanilla game with complementary utilities. Suggestions and improvements are super welcome! This list will likely expand and contract over time. I also plan on incrementally adding screenshots.

This page was last updated on December 3, 2019


N00b Resources

These pages should be helpful if you’re new to Dwarf Fortress. Since Dwarf Fortress is pretty much two (three depending on who you’re asking) games in one, I will clearly mark which one the guides are for. That will either be for fortress mode or adventurer mode.

These are my favorite and commonly used utilities. They might not be the most helpful by community standards, but I really like them!

Interesting / Noteworthy Utilities

These utilities are respectable, often really cool, and can bring a lot to your experience. They weren’t my favorites, but there’s still a lot of good about them!

Fun Stuff

Utilities in Testing

These are utilities that I’ve recently found or decided to try out.

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