Hello. This is where you’ll find some information about this website and the author.

The Shade Tail is more or less a personal address on the Internet. Kind of like a home where I’ll be able to express myself and hopefully be able to entertain some guests.

This site will host some personal fare and really whatever strikes my fancy. There is no inherent “purpose” for this site.

To introduce myself: my pen name here is YUn1K0. I’m a young adult living in the United States. My hobbies revolve around simulation and roguelike videogames (Dwarf Fortress chief among them), bird watching and photography, Internet surfing, and tending to my plants. I have an affinity for cats and enjoy long walks on the beach. I do not care for mint candies and inclement weather.

This site is simple and plain in looks, and this is not intended to change. The HTML is generated by Hugo using a gently modified XMin theme courtesy of Yihui Xie. When this site was first built, the HTML and CSS were painstakingly done by hand. This was prone to breakage if not carefully combed over, and so the switch was made to help streamline the process.

It’s my hope that you enjoy the site to some extent, or that it doesn’t trouble you.